New London Contractors Inc.
2230 Highway 42 N
Overton, TX 75684


Valve Shop Repair

We rebuild most makes and models of valves, regulators, chemical pumps, and controllers.
A complete rebuild includes sandblasting and painting besides replacing the internal parts.
Our turn around is usually 2 to 3 days.


Our labor force performs location maintenance, such as, trouble shooting and making repairs on vessels and controls, dehydrators and all other processing equipment. We will also mow and weed eat locations and pipeline Right of Ways. We have an experienced welder on site at all times.

Back Hoe Work

Our Back Hoes are utilized for lease road maintenance and digging trenches for flowlines and pipelines. We also have fork implements for loading and unloading pipe materials on pallets.

Steam Cleaning

Our Steam Cleaners are usually used to wash out tanks and vessels but we can easily wash anything else you need cleaned.


Our Sandblasting Rig can be hauled to and operated on your location. After sandblasting your vessels or tank batteries, we can repair the holes and coat internally.